If you’re applying for Australian residency, and need a business plan to support your application, we now have a dedicated service just for you.

Introducing the Immigration Visa Business Plan – developed with the help of immigration experts across Australia, and specifically-designed to support your visa application to the Australian Government.

When assessing your application, it’s the job of immigration officials to determine if you will make a positive or negative contribution to the Australian community.

Our Immigration Visa Business Plan is designed to showcase the positive social and economic impact that you will bring, and how having you as part of the local community will benefit the country as a whole.

It will demonstrate your understanding of the local market, with up-to-the-minute industry data, and your acumen with business finances, demonstrated through professionally presented cash flow forecasts.

To find out how this new service might help your application, call 1300 262 098 now and speak to our friendly operators, or use the ‘contact’ form on this website.

Published On: January 29th, 2013 / Categories: Success Tips /

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