Marketing Focus: How to create a tagline that works

Developing an effective tagline can be tricky. Look around and you’ll find plenty of examples of poor taglines – usually sentences that are too generic and don’t really mean anything. So how do you develop a meaningful, effective tagline that acts as a positioning anchor for your business?

An effective tagline for your business can significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. So its definitely worth putting the time in to develop a strong tagline for your business. The role of a tagline can vary depending on how you have named your business. When the business name is not itself a benefit (ie Smith’s Plumbing), the tagline acts to succinctly communicate the benefit of the business (ie. Your only local 24-hour plumbing service)

The most effective taglines however include the brand name and a benefit, so that the tagline couldn’t easily apply to any other business. For example, ‘Trust British Paints? Sure Can.’

Use the following points to develop and assess your business tagline:

  1. No more than eight words, and the fewer the better
  2. Make it meaningful and unique
  3. Use words that are easy to remember and grab people
  4. Aim to communicate a benefit, not just entertain
  5. If possible, include your business name in the tagline

Developing a tagline is a difficult, frustrating, hair-pulling experience for most people! So don’t worry if it takes some time to develop something that sounds good and fits the main criteria above.

If you’d like help with the positioning of your business, or developing a marketing plan, feel free to give us a call.

Published On: February 7th, 2011 / Categories: Success Tips /

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